Water Slide Rentals

All our water slides range from 16 and all the way up up-to 27 feet high. These are suitable for adults and kids as well. Most water slides have a built-in shower head located right on top above the slide which is connected to the garden hose and the slides also comes with a big pool at least 18 inches deep. The 18 feet water slide does not have a shower head customer uses their garden hose. The water units are a big hit since Florida is always hottttt! Our combo-slides can be used wet or dry comes with a big pool.


18' Water Slide Single Lane w/ Pool



16' Tropical Water Slide Dual Lane


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22' The Tidal Wave Single Lane w/ Pool


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22' Water Slide Single Lane



22' Water Slide Single Lane w/ Pool



27' Water Slide Single Lane w/ Slip -N- Slide



27' Water Slide Dual Lane w/ Slip -N- Slide